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The Cancer Buddies project recognises the importance of support in assisting you as a newly-diagnosed cancer patient in learning to process and heal through your cancer diagnosis, and this is thus one of the core focuses that we emphasise.

Coming to terms with your diagnosis and healing from it both goes far beyond medical treatment. These aspects are our speciality, and by becoming a part of our project, we can offer you a solid support structure with which to begin the healing process. In addition to this, we also offer practical advice that deals with your every possible need.

Remember that you are never alone… we are an organisation that understands.

Learn to live your life despite your cancer, instead of stopping to live because of it. At Cancer Buddies, we have developed a patient-active approach that empowers you as you begin a new chapter of your life. Let us help you to take control over your process, and allow us to show you how healing is much more than just the physical aspect of your cancer journey.

Every day, Cancer Buddies succeed in connecting people for one-on-one cancer support all over the country. Through the cancer journeys of our founders, we know from first-hand experience that a journey of living with cancer is made much easier when the burden is shared, especially with someone who is equipped with the knowledge of having been in the same situation; somebody who understands.



Cancer Buddies matches and individually pairs each newly-diagnosed cancer patient with a Buddy who have themselves already been through the healing process, as well as having had the same type of cancer. This Buddy can then provide support, information and guidance relevant to your personal journey.

This platform is not only for cancer patients though. Because of our unique matching process, Cancer Buddies supports any individuals seeking cancer information, support, or guidance. Cancer caregivers (spouses, parents, children, or any other family/friends of a cancer patient) are also able to receive one-on-one support sessions with Cancer Buddy caregivers or survivors. These interventions and support services inspire hope, as well as enabling caregivers to ask personal questions and receive support from somebody uniquely familiar with the experience. These support interventions can take place on an array of different platforms: telephonically, via email, on WhatsApp, or even face-to-face.

Cancer Buddies was established so that no cancer patient would ever feel alone, scared or lost

The Cancer Buddy service is 100% free on our website, social media platforms, toll-free lines and Cancer Buddy phone numbers. All of these avenues are available to anybody touched by cancer of any sort, at any stage, and living anywhere in South Africa, simply at the click of a button.