Cancer Buddies is an organisation with a difference. We acknowledge that cancer affects patients beyond the physical and mental aspects of their lives, and that true healing can only take place through holistic treatment of a person’s experience.

We specialise in offering support, information and guidance to all those affected by cancer, either directly or indirectly. What makes us so unique is that through targeted platforms, newly diagnosed cancer patients are matched with survivors trained to offer counselling. This enables cancer patients and their loved ones alike to come to terms with their cancer journey, and ultimately, to heal.

Cancer Buddies understands your unique cancer journey. Let us help support, empower and uplift you.
— Brett Simpson, Cancer Buddies CEO

Cancer Buddies offers a free and easily accessible peer-to-peer Buddy Support System, where cancer patients can receive practical advice, information, guidance and support directly from cancer survivors. Our volunteer support programme is also aligned with international protocols, establishing us as one of the top volunteer physio-social projects in South Africa.

In addition to our Buddy Support System, we have also extended our reach through the implementation of our new Digital Support Platform called the iBuddie. The iBuddie, which is by far the most comprehensive support platform in South Africa, has brought together the most up-to-date research results and cancer programmes on one online platform. This offers all users an accessible and pristine, advanced technology that will enable you to learn, live, and heal – whether you are a cancer patient, or a caregiver.


Information empowers – so do our Cancer Buddies.
— Ray Cassiem, Cancer Buddie

The Cancer Buddy service is 100% free on our website, social media platforms, toll-free lines and Cancer Buddy phone numbers. All of these avenues are available to anybody touched by cancer of any sort, at any stage, and living anywhere in South Africa, simply at the click of a button.