Have a burning question? Take a browse through our most frequently asked questions to learn more about what we offer and how to make the most of your Cancer Buddies experience!

How do I get a Cancer Buddy?

Please call 0800 033 337to get hold of the lovely Louise who will get some details from you and then look at our Buddies list and find the best matched person for you. It really helps to know another person who has survived your cancer and how they went about it.

When can I call the toll free line or text the WhatsApp line?

Our amazing woman (Louise on the call line and Barbra on the WhatsApp line) are fully dedicated to helping support you during work hours from 08H00 - 16H30. I am sure you understand that they also need time with their families and loved ones outside of work hours.

Why would I need a Cancer Buddy?

There is no-one else better in the world to talk to than a person who has walked a similar cancer journey to yours, than one of our Cancer Buddies. They know the physical, emotional and mental journey of the experience and are happy to share their insights and learnings with you. ;-)

Is there a cost for the Peer to Peer Support and iBuddie system?

Not at all, we have created this as a free support service for you and your family. Cancer Buddies is a registered Non Profit Company which raises money through donations to offer you this FREE support service.

Is Cancer Buddies available in hospitals?

Unfortunately we do not have an existing network of Cancer Buddies in hospitals currently but we will connect you to someone as close as possible to you, in your city or town if at all possible.

Where in South Africa do you offer the Cancer Buddies service?

We offer our Peer to Peer support service across the whole South Africa. If we are able to, we will match you with someone in your town or city so that you may visit them face to face.

I am carer of someone with cancer, can I get a cancer Buddie?

YES. Carers are the hidden heros and often don’t take the care of themselves so that they can be the best support for their loved ones with cancer. Let us help you, so that you might be the best support you can be to your loved one.

How can Cancer Buddies practically help me?

  1. Peer to Peer Support:Our primary service is getting you a Buddy who has survived your cancer for you to speak to, to support you (we also match carers to other carers so that they have enough to gove and support their loved ones diagnosis).
  2. iBuddie Information:We also have a iBuddie program which gives you information you need when you need it using a digital WhatsApp style conversation where you can pick and choose what you want to understand.
  3. WhatsApp line Guidance:Don’t feel like talking to someone, so why not WhatsApp Barbra on 079 789 2570for general guidance about Cancer Buddies and how we can help you and your loved ones.

What is the iBuddie button on your website?

We have had a lot of calls from our call line asking for information, from how to cope emotionally and mentally, what food might be better than others or how to live more fully through treatment and the toughness of cancer. We created iBuddie to answer these calls for information accumulated from trusted sources locally & globally in a casual and informative WhatsApp style conversation.

Would the iBuddy or my Cancer Buddy ever give me treatment advice?

Cancer Buddies or the iBuddy system would never recommend treatment advice. That job is your doctor and medical team. We would only give you trusted information from local and international experts on information which can help you cope better, giving you tips and information to help you to play an active role in your own healing and decision making.

Who runs Cancer Buddies?

Cancer Buddies is run and managed by survivors who have walked the path and know how important support is when going through such a challenging period of life. They have dedicated their careers to giving free support and information to those who are newly diagnosed. Janie, Brett, Unathi, Louise, Barbra and all our volunteer Cancer Buddies are dedicated to helping you heal as best as you can!